Main Target

~ Composed on: Friday, Aug 19th 2078 ~ ~ Posted on: Sep 17th 2078 by Giselle ~ No, I am not dead, folks, at least I hope so! I wasn’t allowed to let this joyful fact be known, and that’s why I’m publishing six blogposts at once today, because we’re already out of range of […]

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The Show Must Go on

~ Monday, Aug 15th 2078 by Giselle ~ Before I could take a well-deserved nap on the flight with Simone’s Helijet, she surprised me with a « premium nightcap », an incredibly rich sandwich that even had real ham on it, among many other spicy things …. imported from Sweden!I hadn’t devoured so much in one sitting […]

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Need to leave

~ Wednesday, Aug 17th 2078 by Giselle ~ I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day. I broke down all the bridges behind me. It started with me taking care of Serge. He wasn’t doing very well, but he said that I shouldn’t be in trouble with Adam because I was home instead of working. […]

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Ready for take-off

~ Sunday, Aug 14th 2078 by Giselle ~ « I am ready for take off. » These were not my words, but those of Serge. We had a long conversation last night. He told me that his leukemia is getting worse and worse; almost unbearable. If it hadn’t been for me, he would have taken Sanimort a […]

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~ Thursday, Jul 14th 2078 by Giselle ~ I am using the National Day break for a new entry. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do it: too much work! Adam Cordonnier didn’t get along well with my rejection of his advances. Now I have apparently slipped on his « enemy list ».He takes a long time […]

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~ Wednesday, May 4th 2078 by Giselle ~ Certaines situations d’urgence ne sont pas un hasard ou une coïncidence, mais sont délibérément voulues – ou du moins souhaitées. Et il y a des gens sans scrupules qui en profitent sans aucune trace d’empathie. Aujourd’hui, je suis allé au bureau d’Adam. Je lui ai dit: « Serge […]

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The lonely bee

~ Monday, May 2nd 2078 by Giselle ~ Serge has been so weak since mid-April that he can no longer carry out his work on the fruit trees.This is a great loss for the whole cooperative, because in the region here, no cooperative has been able to keep cultivated apple trees alive for a long […]

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Noël 2077

~ Sunday, Dec 26th 2077 by Giselle ~ Je suis plutôt une fille qui serre le corps. Certains d’entre eux m’ont accusé de dépendance sexuelle, mais que diable! Il y a pire que ça de nos jours! Et dans les moments où beaucoup tombent malades et meurent à un jeune âge, vous devriez utiliser chaque […]

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Nothing new on Mars

~ Thursday, Dec 2nd 2077 by Giselle ~ I’m not entirely convinced of the usefulness of my work here in the co-op, but if you work hard all day and have a little fun with your friends, and you have a brother to watch out for, then this leads to a fulfilling life. So it […]

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~ Friday, Nov 19th 2077 by Giselle ~ Today has been a terrible day! Lucien and I had taken a little time when the Fallout alert arrived on my smartphone: A powerful storm was approaching and significant radiation values had been measured in the storm clouds. I knew Serge was there to pick up chestnuts. […]

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